Don Biyu Munduk

Don Biyu Gangsing

Don Biyu “Gangsing”
Duration : 2hours (1pm to 3pm)
Price : rp. 500.000,- p.p.
Minimum : 5 pax
Including : 1 Gangsing handmade wood carving


CA2-7G4UYAAjkXV.jpg largeDe Drijftol” or “Gangsing” in Balinese language is a well known game that inspired the Dutch writer Hieronymus van Alphen who lived in 1746–1803 imprinted in poetry. Today the art of “Gangsing” is still played in several villages such as Munduk, Umejero, Gesing, Gobleg, Kayuputih, and Bengkel Village at the highland of Bali. The game is developing from time to time. Handmade from Lime tree till any kind of wood. It is usually takes three days to make the best one with the maximum diameter of 22 cm and the weight of approx.1.6 kilograms. Curious about Gangsing? Meet & greet the maker of, Learn & Love Gangsing from the expert.