Don Biyu Munduk


Offering a lifetime experience to explore the world of Don Biyu. Discover the land above the clouds. The clouds hiding beautiful places that will surprise your life…your own journey.
Experience Don Biyu Journey, Discover the Mystical Munduk.


rendez_tumbThe central highlands of Bali offers the traveler a majestic experience, evoking scents, sights and sounds from Bali’s authentic past… memorable journey of a lifetime. Removed from the bustling touristic areas, Bedugul Caldera is a hidden paradise suspended in time, surrounded by lush green valleys and agriculturally rich farmlands. Respecting the Balinese one management island concept called seamount union. Whenever one changes the mount environment, the sea environment will change. Meet & greet the amazing mountains, peaceful lakes, great waterfalls, magical temples & fairytale villages that Bedugul caldera rich of.